Friday, September 29, 2006

vanilla ice-cream with almond flakes

Vanilla Ice-Cream with Almond Flakes
Get a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and then put almond flakes on top and serve.

As we all know that "Haagen Dazs" makes the best ice cream...

But here in Bangkok, you can get the best from "The Oriental Shop" who makes as almost the same quality ice-cream as Haagen Dazs at only half the price.

Their Ice-Cream comes in wild variety of choices & Flovours.
-Black Forrest
-Panna Cotta
-Mixed Berries
- Banana Cheese Cake

The Oriental Shop
@ Isetan - Ground Floor
tel 662 255 9813
@ Central Chidlom - Ground Floor
tel 662 252 6863
@ the Emporium - 5th Floor
tel 662 664 8148

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