Wednesday, January 19, 2011

spicy rustic thai anchovy-relish served with boiled eggs and fresh mixed veggies

Nahm Prik Plara : น้ำพริกปลาร้า (เสิร์ฟกับไข่ต้มและผักสด)

Last weekend, I really missed "Nahm Prik Plara" that mum used to cook at home. I don't normally cook "Plara" not that I hate it or something but because I don't know where to get good "Plara" from. One of my good mates is from Isaan. Therefore, she always has good "Plara" stored in her fridge. I asked her to come over for dinner and asked her to bring a good cup of cooked "Nahm Plara" (She boiled it first and then (double) drained well and kept only fine "Plara" liquid in a cup.) So, I could put this rustic relish together and we could have delicious dinner together at my place. 

Find below my recipe of this rustic spicy Thai anchovy relish "aka" Nahm Prik Plara 

2 tablespoons of Plara liquid, boiled & drained well (You can always add as much as you like.)
1 fillet of sea-bass, poached/cooked
2-4 of organic red chilies, roasted & peeled 
2-4 of organic green chilies, roasted & peeled
3-4 of organic red Shallots, roasted & peeled 
2-3 of organic garlic, roasted & peeled
2-3 tablespoons of premium fish sauce
2-3 tablespoons of organic lime juice 
A dash of un-refined brown sugar 
3-4 organic eggs, boiled & halved 
Fresh organic coriander leaves & spring onion
Lots of mixed organic fresh or boiled vegetables (You can serve this delicious rustic relish with lots of vegetables that you like.)


Pound roasted red & green chilies (I used mixed chilies because I want to achieve mixed colour in my relish but if you like  only green or red. You can choose to use only one colour of chili.), roasted red shallots and roasted garlic by using stone mortar & pestle till almost fine. Add fish fillet, pound roughly till mixed well. Add plara liquid, fish sauce, lime juice & a dash of brown sugar. Taste if more seasoning is needed. Sprinkle with chopped fresh coriander leaves & spring onion. Remove into a serving cup. Serve in a platter with mixed fresh or boiled organic vegetables and halved boiled eggs or fried pork and a good cup of  steamed whole grain rice. 

Serve : 2-3

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