Tuesday, August 12, 2008

yum naem : spicy cured pork salad

Yum Naem: Spicy Cured Pork Salad

One of my mates stopped by yesterday. She was hungry and I needed to cook something right then to fill her up. I didn’t do grocery shopping since last weekend as I was out of town.

I found a pack of cured pork and some ginger in the fridge and a can of roasted peanut in my cupboard. Then I went to my backyard to pick some fresh red chillies & fresh mint.

I am very proud of this small project of mine – an organic herb garden in my own backyard. I always love gardening since I was young. A month ago, I went to “Carrefour” at Raman 4 branch to get small mint and herb stuff and when I got back home I & my made transferred them into cute potteries – now they are happily green & settled in my backyard as its raining very often lately and they are ready to be eaten.

(I posted one recipe of "Neam" last year. )

Find below my recipe of Yum Neam.

1 of a medium pack of premium quality Cured Pork, sliced into small pieces
2-4 of Red Chillies, finely chopped (depends on your liking: hot-medium hot)
½ Cup of Roasted Peanuts
½ Cup of fresh Ginger, Sliced into thin stripes
2 of medium Red Charlotte, thinly sliced

1Tablespoon of Lime Juice (optional)
2 Tablespoons of Fish Sauce (optional)
A dash of Brown Sugar (optional)

For Garnish
A handful of fresh Mint leaves
3 big Cloves of Garlic, sliced (optional)

In a big bowl, add in sliced cured-pork
Add red charlotte, half of roasted peanuts, sliced ginger & red chillies
Stir to combine well
Sprinkle with the rest of roasted peanuts and mint leaves
Remove into a serving plate

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