Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ootoya: the best fast-food in town!!

Ootoya: the best fast-food in town!!

I had/have lunch at “Ootoya” 3-4 times a week lately as one of thier branches located close to my work place. I kind of think that it’s the best fast-food in Bangkok!! (hmm "MOS burger" is also nice, speaking about fast-food which I will definitely talk about later.)

Everywhere I go, there are Ootoya restaurants - Emporium, Central World, Ekkamai, Thonglor, Paragon, ect,.
Ootoya is a chain restaurant from Japan. The concept is to provide "quick meal service" - an idea for lunch. (Actually, they are not that fast/ quick... really.) Their menu offers a wide variety of dishes probably up to 50-65 dishes. My most favourite branch is located at J'Avenue in Thonglor 15 where I go very often & it seems to be the most consistent branch. I could go there alone, sit at the bar and ordered a set of lunch and felt at ease.
This restaurant offers simple, good enough quality (good enough for price given in their menu) & healthy (loads of grilled fish & tofu dishes) menu comes in decent portions which are rather cheap (nothing is this restaurant costs more than 300 bht.).
Their desserts are highly recommended. (Thier Tofu Ice Cream served with Red Bean Paste is something I am addicted to lately - I never eat Tofu Ice-cream before. So, I find this Ice-cream fairly interesting.)

Ootoya Japanese Restaurant.
2nd Floor J' Avenue
Thonglor 15,
Sukhumvit soi 55
Bangkok 10110
T. 02 712-6827


Jan said...

Just left bangkok on Wednesday morning... can't believe I left without discovering your blog to help guide me through the endless restaurants. Oh well, I'll be back in December and reading your posts in the meantime :)

Greg said...

I just came across your blog after searching for 'ootoya london'.

I actually ate a few times last week at ootoya in Emporium, Sukhimvit rd, Bangkok.

I absolutely loved the food there. The first time I had the burger set and was amazed that a burger could actually taste that good.