Thursday, August 30, 2007

boiled egg with soldiers

Boiled Egg with Soldiers

A few days ago, while we were having a Breakie at Le Notre in Lang Saun, I was talking with P'Mim about Breakfast.

A Question was asked "why Breakie has to be greezy?"

Although, Its nice to have a full course Breakfast from time to time. Especially, when you are on holidays... with fried eggs, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, toasts, bacon & sausages, fried mushroom and tomatoes and everything else.
But personally, with our everyday breakfast, I prefer to have a cup of hot choc (low fat milk) and whole grain toasts with jam or a cup of tea (English Breakfast) and fresh fruits with a cup of yogurt.

At times, I love having boiled egg with little soldiers as it reminds me of my old time. Its a kind of "comfort food" to me.

Find below "Boiled Egg with Soldiers"

1-2 eggs (chicken's or duck's - depends on your preference)
2-4 slices of whole grain bread, (with butter) toasted & sliced into strips(2 cm. wide)


* leave your eggs to room temperature before cooking

* put a small pot on a high heat stove
* simmer the eggs and bring them to the boil
* when the water boils, lower the heat and leave the eggs for..

3 minutes : the white & the yolk are oozy
4 minutes : the white is starting to set and the yolk is wobbly & runny.
5 minutes : the white is perfectly set and the yolk is softly set

* remove the eggs into the cups
* slice off the top immediately (to stop the eggs to continuely cook)
* sprinkle with sea salt


Adam said...

Oh God....I wanna go home! You forgot the most important ingredient (I speak as an English man.....). U need to have Marmite on the soldiers!

Anonymous said...

My favorite Saturday morning brekky. Ever! Always with Marmite!

Jim said...

I have fond memories of my grandmother making these for us in little egg cups (with feet!). Now I think I have to eat some for breakfast tomorrow--sure looks easier than Pankeggs!

Nadia said...

having this breakfast prepared for me by my father on my weekends alone with him is one the single great memories of my childhood. thank you so much for posting this!

Anonymous said...

An amazing breakfast! It always reminds me of my childhood in England.

Colin said...

As an Englishman now based in Iowa, I am salivating at the memory. Don't forget after slicing off the top of the egg, and removing the white - that then becomes the receptacle for your salt and pepper seasoning. And if, like me, you always wanted two of these eggs, cook the second one for a minute less and then keep it warm under its own little cosy!! Is it true that the Americans don't know about this, don't give it to their young children as a nutritious and fun breakfast? Oh my .... !!

SueBee said...
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