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pork congee

Pork Congee

It’s good, from time to time, to wake up late on the weekend and having “Pork Congee” for brunch. Cooking Congee is easy, the only thing that put you off is the time that’s required to cook the rice.
Generally, Thai call it " Joke Moo", although its originally Chinese.

Find below a recipe of “Pork Congee”

6 Cups of Water (or Chicken/Pork Soup)
2-4 cups of Rice (Long Grain White Rice, soaked over a night)
1-2 cups of Minced Pork, marinated and made into meatballs
1-2 Eggs (Duck’s or Chicken’s depends on your preference)
1 Teaspoon of Sea Salt
1 Teaspoon of Vegetable Oil
½ Cup of Spring Onion and Coriander, chopped
½ Cup of Ginger, thinly sliced

Ground black/white pepper to taste
Soy sauce to taste


• Rinse and drain the rice, and place in a pot over medium heat.
• Add stock, stir in the sea salt and oil, and let stand for 5-10 mins.
• Add the pork meatballs,bring to the boil
• Simmer for 15 mins, or until the pork meatballs are cooked through.(They will foat)
• Remove the pork from the pot, and set aside.
• Continue to simmer the rice for 30-60 mins.
• After the 30 mins, stir the pork and eggs(can be pre-boiled) into the congee.
• Serve in bowls, and sprinkle with spring onion, coriander and ginger
• Have soy sauce and pepper on the side for seasoning

If you find it too dificult to cook or if you are too lazy to cook it at home then you can always find it easily at almost every streets in Bangkok. Congee is quite popular here. There are a few good places in Sukhumvit Road. One is at Sukhumvit 23 and the other good one where I seem to be a regular is at Sukhumvit 38. Anyone who’s living in Sukhumvit Road knows them well.

Find Below their address details.

Pork Congee Thonglor
Sukhumvit Soi 38
T. 02 381 1614 / 02 934 3833


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