Thursday, October 18, 2007

into riya's kitchen

Into Riya’s Kitchen.

As I have an email telling me that how he thinks my food looks pretentious and not looks much like authentic Thai.

Oh well …. What can I say…?
As I have said in the Greeting Line of my Blog that all recipes are my very own home cooking Thai recipes cooked straight from my very own kitchen.

Of course, my food is not going to be 100% authentic Thai as I am a product of my time. A modern time, I can say, that everything is so fast and easy and not too complicated. In my time, nobody is going to waste a whole day preparing a meal. In my time that we are all exposed into other’s cultures and seeking for the best products & ingredients to try.

I am a person who is not well nor professional trained to be neither a chef nor a professional cook. I am just a woman in her 30s who happens to love cooking and love going out to experience the vibes from those fancy and none-fancy restaurants.

I very much & evenly appreciate food for the eyes and food thats good for health despite the authentic taste.

I am a very open-minded person who happens to appreciate food from every corners in this world – Thai is my most favourite, please pass to me the Fusion, can’t have enough of Japanese and would go for Indian any days and always have room left for others. Let alone, those fancy desserts.

All of my food recipes are solely from my experience and my personal preference. I happen to dislike “Coconut Milk” – so, you hardly see recipe with coconut milk as I hardly cook it. I like organic and healthy food: so, you will see loads of grilled and salad dishes. I happen to hate the foods (exclude desserts) that taste so sweet: therefore, you will never see anything that tastes sweet or a recipe which will be very sweet.

My food's presentation is not going to look like those authentic Thai ways of presenting Thai food that you have usually seen in those stereotype pictures nor those street foods that you have seen from around the streets in your neighbourhood.
My presentation’s my very own way of creativity & uniqueness.

To sum it up: this is my kitchen. I cook what I like to eat.

“Food is Culture: It changes over time.”

BTW: thanks for all comments, they are very much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Sorry u received a negative comment but u should never worry about it. As u said, it's ur kitchen and ur recipes and ur style. I don;t like all the recipes u have but I admire u for making the effort and u clearly are passionate about cooking. Passion....that is what usually makes the difference between good and great. U may have heard of Rick Mears, a British chef well known for his love of fish. He presented various TV series about fish and passion was so awesome that he managed to convert me to fish, something I had barely eaten since I was a teenager. Keep up YOUR passion!

Anonymous said... shouldn't let the comments bother you this much...
and yeah..i hate coconut milk and i think any kind of dessert that contains shredded coconut should be illegal.