Tuesday, October 30, 2007

what makes a good dinner?

What is a good dinner?

To me … is absolutely not a fancy one at those fancy restaurants.

I admit that I adore going out to experience the buzz and the vibes from those fine dinning restaurants and I very much enjoy going to try those none-fancy restaurants where they always cook the best simple food which you never can be able to cook by yourself.

I love dressing up nicely and getting to be serviced and being served/offered with many kind of attractive & splendid dishes and the food that the taste can take your breath away

But when I am asked about the best dinner, those times I have spent in those fancy restaurants outside of my house never come to mind.

It’s always the memories of those normal dinners which we had/shared at home. Nothing fancy, there were just our everyday simple diners.

Sometimes on special occasions like: X’mas Eve, Mates Birthday, etc,. We managed to make it special by using our fancy cutleries and fancy dishes and decolating with loads of flowers and scented candles.

In our every dinner, we always have a candle with whatever flowers we have from our garden…

…and open a good bottle of wine. I personally like many range of wines (I am not an Expert). Not necessary expensive ones. Onc glass of red wine a day is good for your heart.

(Taste is individual: what I like is not necessarily the best)

I am very found of

• Italian wine. : “Mazzei in Tonterutoli Dal 1435 ( Castellina in Chianti)” which I have recovered when I dined at “Giusto”
• Chilean wine: Porto 1998-1999 Cabernet Sauvignon isn’t too bad. (I remembered that the Big boss (a very rich French man) dined at my home once and he managed to get a whole case (12 bottles) for me.
• French wine : St. Emillion (Chateau Canon La Gatteliete) and I have fond a good one which is not expensive at all (“Chateau La Coste 2002 ) at Villa
• Australian wine : I seem to like “Shiraz”

Anyway, my point is good dinner (to me) is always about – good simple /home-cooked meal with good wine sharing with our beloved good mates and family.

Its best value is the joyful, meaningful and happy times that we happily share.

: )

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