Sunday, April 13, 2008

gueoy teaw reua "dung deng dai" -boat-noodle house

"Dung Deng Dai" Boat-Noodle House

I heard that “Khun Patee Sarasin” opens a (Boat)Noodle House in Thonglor.
Everybody knows that I love Noodles too bits – I couldn’t wait to try his “Boat-Noodle”

As the place is owned by Khun Patee – It’s very crowded!!! I & mate had to wait for ages just to have 2 bowls of Beef Noodles served at my table.

The menu offers a wide variety of “Boat Noodle” & related Food (Pork or Beef / Local or Imported Beef, Imported Beef Salad, Meat Balls Salad, Pork Cracklings (less fat), Thai Desserts, etc.,)

Food is fairy good. The portion is reasonable – Service is acceptable (oh well, the place is new – their staff will need sometime to learn to cope with customers when the place is packed and busy).

Anyway, I personally think that his Noodle House will do very well as its located in Thonglor where we hardly find a good place for decent noodles.

His idea is cool & smart – selling "Boat-Noodle" (everybody loves it) in a modern bowl & decent place (where is comfortable and not too hot too handle like those open-air places) to his fellow hi-so in Thonglor.

"Dung Deng Dai" Boat-Noodle House
@ Top’s Thonglor (Siam Future Town Centre)
Unit # B3, Thonglor Soi 4,
Sukhumvit 55
T. 02 392 1417

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Marc @ norecipes said...

This is the thing I miss most about Bangkok. I tried making a bowl at home last night and posted the recipe on my blog.