Sunday, July 06, 2008

egg sarny

Egg Sarny

If you live with Brits for quite sometime, you know that they do love sarny!!
Egg and Bacon sarny seems to be something they have almost every day and they never get bored of it.

We often cook it for breakfast/brunch and I post this recipe this time because I managed to cook it by myself! I didn't add bacon because I didnt feel like having too greasy food this morning.

Find below a very simple & humble recipe.

• 4 slices whole wheat bread
• 2-4 fried eggs
• Mayonnaise
• Ketchup
• Cheddar/Emmental Cheese, sliced or grated


Toast your bread to your liking.(I like mine warm & not too crispy.)
Place grated cheese on 2 slices while they are still hot in order to melt cheese a bit. Spread mayonnaise (Hellmann’s is recommended.) on other 2 slices.
Top with one or two (depends if you like lots of eggs or not) fried eggs, cooked to your liking. Pour ketchup over the eggs.
Place other slice of bread on top and then put the whole plate back in the toaster oven oven (which is still very hot) for 2-3 mins and Voila!

You can make them fancier by also add ham, sausage, bacon, or other meat of your liking.

The fry-up is known as one of the best hangover cures!! Goes well with a Bloody Mary, if you happen to cook this for brunch.

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