Tuesday, September 23, 2008

rung-rearng noodlehouse

Rung Rearng Noodle House

Years ago, when Khun Mim was still in Bangkok – we went to “Rung Rearng Nodles House” almost every Saturdays. I missed those happy-times very much. Anyways, I still keep going there for lunch as it’s not too far from where I currently work.

It’s a place we have found the noodles are the best in Sukhumvit Road. If you happened to go there at 12.00am to 13.30pm – you would find yourself standing there seat-less. It’s always crowded at this mentioned time.

This Chinese owned noodles house manages to attract loads of people (from Taxi drivers to CEO-s who was drop- off by their fancy Mercedes Bezns. I find this amazing thats because of this noodle house, the rich & the rest can happily mingle enjoying their bowls of noodles in one place.)

Most of their (80%) customers are middle class to well-off people in Sukhumvit as their noodles are considered expensive for Thai people in general – price starts from 40 baht for a regular noodle bowl, 60 baht for an extra bowl. The blows (between regular & extra) are not actually served in different sizes – they simply use different colour to identify the prices when they bill.
90% of their customers order, at least, 2 bowls. Yes.. They are really that good. I guarantee!! I used to take my former boss who is a Singaporean there - he loved & still loves it. Everytime, he happens to visit bkk, he always asks me to take him there.

If you take your car and have zero idea where to park – then look at the opposite empty plot where services car-park – 20 baht is charged per one car. (They don’t ask but by common sense we must know that we should pay.)

Rung Rearng Noodles House

Sukhumvti Soi 26
(A few blocks before The Imperial Tara Hotel)
T. 02 258 6744

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Angry Asian said...

what a gorgeous blog, i'm excited because i looove thai food and don't really know how to make it. i lived in bangkok for 3 years in high school and i miss not only the weather, nice people but the FOOD! i'll def. be back!