Thursday, November 13, 2008

kiem-eii soup with pork-balls & shrimps

Kiem Eii Soup with Pork-balls & Shrimps : เกี้ยมอี่น้ำ

“Kiem Eii” is Chinese Rice-Macaroni that we (Thai) feel familiar with for ages. I am not sure since when it managed to find its place on Thai’s table. I assume, it has slowly been in our kitchen since the time that the Chinese immigrated to Thailand.

I don’t usually cook “Kiem Eii” but a few days ago, I went to Emporium Food Hall to find some snack then I found “Kiem Eii” there. So, I bought ½ Kilo to cook for our Breakie.

Find below my very own recipe (probably, close to the original Chinese one.)

½ Kilo of “Kiem Eii” (Chinese Rice-Macaroni)
2 Cups of minced Pork, roll into small balls
2 Cups of Prawns (big size – 6 pcs), shelled & cleaned
2-3 Cups of Bean Sprouts, cleaned
8 Cups of Chicken Stock (You can do it from scratch, if you like)
2-3 Tablespoons of Soy Sauce
2-3 Tablespoons of fresh ground white Pepper
A Handful of Coriander & Spring Onion, finely chopped


Heat the Chicken Stock in a large Saucepan over high-heat, wait till becoming very hot
Add in Pork balls, wait till cooked
Add “Kiem Eii”, bring to the boil, then add soy sauce
Turn off the heat

Set another Saucepan with Water over high-heat, bring to the boil
Add Bean Sprout, leave for a few mins then remove & keep one side
Add Shrimps, leave for a few mins then remove & keep one side

Remove the “Kiem Eii” into a serving bowl, add in cooked Bean Sprout & Shrimps on top of “Kiem Eii”. Sprinkle with chopped spring oinon & coriander and a dash of ground white pepper
Serves : 3


[eatingclub] vancouver || js said...

I've never come across Chinese "rice-macaroni." My curiosity is definitely piqued. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing this dish.

southernoise said...

Looks good!

Over in Malaysia and Singapore the Hokkien chinese would call this mee tai mak.

In Mandarin its called lao shu fen.