Monday, February 09, 2009

nam-prik ka-pi : spicy shrimp paste relish

Spicy Shrimp Paste Relish : น้ำพริกกะปิปลาทูทอด

This special relish is one of the most popular relishes in Thailand. You can always find it in any restaurants at every corners of Thailand. The fun bit is there are lots of fresh, fried & steamed vegetables & many more of other things are being accompanied with it.

I personally like “Platu” (Slightly Salted Thai Mackerel). So, to me anything that comes with it is more than fine. Find below my recipe

Relish Ingredients

1 Tablespoon of Premium Quality of Shrimp Paste
2-3 Cloves of Garlic
2-3 of Red Chilies (Thai call it “Bird-Eye” Chili)
6-8 of small Mini-Green Eggplants
2 Tablespoons of Lime Juice
1 Teaspoons of Palm Sugar
1 Teaspoon of Fish Sauce (Optional)

Accompanied (served) with

2 of Fried Thai Mackerels
Lots of Vegetables ;
Pumpkin (Steamed), cut into bite-sized bits
Cucumbers (Fresh), cut to bite-sized bits
Green Apple-Eggplants (Fresh)
Young Ginger (Fresh), sliced
(Chinese or) Cabbages (Steamed)
Cauliflower (Steamed), cut into bite-sized bits
Long Bean (Fresh or Steamed), cut
Wing Bean (Fresh), trim
Young Winter Melon (Steamed), cut
Carrot (Fresh or Steamed), cut into bite-sized bits

Eggplant fried with Egg.
Cassia Leaves fried with Egg (Cassia Omelette.)

(Fried Vegetables)

Whisk, 3 of (Organic) Eggs, add cut Eggplants, stir to mix well
Set a wok over high-heat, add cooking oil, wait till becoming very hot. Fry the Eggplants till turns golden. Remove into a towel to absorb oil. Keep one side

Repeat the same cooking process but this time replaces the Eggplant with Cassia Leaves. ( Note -You dont see these fried Veggies in the picture because I am currently on diet. )


Add Chilies & Garlic in a stone mortar & pestle, pound till almost fine. Then add Shrimp paste, pound till mixed well. Then add mini Eggplants, pound them a little to break some of them . Then add Palm Sugar & Lime juice, pound gently (in circle) to mix well. If its becoming too thick, you can always add a little of water. Taste before serving if more of seasoning (Fish Sauce & more of Palm sugar) is needed. Then remove into a serving cup. Serve with fried, fresh & steamed Vegetables, Thai Mackerels (as mentioned above.) & steamed Rice.


Peasblog said...

Thank you so much for your blog! I love it!

Roger said...

Thanks! I've cooked it too, and I LOVE the Relish! :) Keep on Cooking...