Thursday, May 27, 2010

thai chili, lime & fish sauce : nahm pla prik

Thai Chili, Lime & Fish Sauce :

Now, I have seen many people posting their own recipe of “Nahm Pla Prik” around here but none of them looks appealing to me. I mean they chopped the chili the size as big as rocks and then they didn't bother to squeeze some lime juice in there. I guess “Taste is individual”, everyone has their own recipe & liking. If we can't have everything our way then we make it by ourself.

Thai people in general like to have this “Nahm Pla Prik” served with their meal. Its very versatile. Personally, I like to serve it with with omelette or with stir-fried mixed vegetables. I think it goes very well with mild food not spicy food. Maybe because I don't like food that's too spicy.

Find below my very own recipe of “Nahm Pla Prik : Chili, Lime & Fish Sauce”

4 Tablespoons of Premium Quality Fish Sauce
3-4 Tablespoons of Organic Lime Juice
1-2 Medium Red Shallots, Finely Sliced (Garlic is as good. It depends on your liking.)
2-3 Organic Chili - Finely Sliced
A dash of Un-refined Brown Sugar
Fresh Organic Coriander for Garnish
Put everything in a salad-dressing-mixing bottle, close the lid and then shake well. Transfer into a serving cup. Serve with any kind of stir-fries, omelette, or any kind of mild food.

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