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tong jing kung ramen

Tong Jing Kung Ramen : The best Ramen in Bangkok (By far)

I love noodles. Therefore, I do love "Ramen". I have tried many Ramen places in Bangkok. "Tong Jing Kung Ramen" is one of a few places that keeps me going back again and again.

Someone once said if you want to know where is the best restaurant in town then you have to follow the locals. This is so true with this Ramen place. I mean this restaurant is fully packed with local Japaneses who live in Bangkok. When I first went to this restaurant, I told myself "Geez, this place must be good. There are only Japanese customers. It makes you feel like you are eating in Japan".

Anyway, the restaurant serves only Ramen and Ramen-related dishes. (The menu is very short.) If you expect to have something other than Ramen then this place is not  the place for you. I tried every dishes in their menu. I can say that everything is equally good. (Miso Ramen, Shio Ramen, Chashu Ramen, Tempura Ramen, Tantan Ramen ; mind you the portion is huge!)

This restaurant has been serving Ramen for 10 years.  First, it was owned by a native Japanese for 4 years and then later he sold his restaurant to the current owner who is Thai but he has been trained for more than 10 years.  The current  owner said that he tries his best to keep the original flavour and he only uses quality ingredients. He has not changed anything since the previous owner left.  He said the soup is simmered for 9 hours. (I personally love the "Chashu" to bits. It is so soft and tender. It melt in your mouth.) I think thats  the reason why he still manages to keep his Japanese customers.
35 Sukhumvit Soi 24
Klongtoey, Bangkok
T. 02 661 1999 ext 102-112

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