Tuesday, August 07, 2007

le beaulieu

Lunch @ Le Beaulieu

As Beautiful as its name, Le Beaulieu cooks very good French Food.

One of the best French Restaurants in Bangkok.
If I am not wrong, there are only 4 of French Restaurants that are considerated good to very good.

1. Le Normandie
2. Philippes'
3. Le Vendome
4. Le Beaulieu

Anyway, we are only going to talk about Le Beaulieu this time.
Their Lunch Set is very good and not expensive at all comparing to other restaurants and the quality of their food.

If you fancy French Food ... give Le Beualieu a try!!
You will not be disappointed.

Le Beaulieu
50 Sukhumvit 19,
@ Sofitel Residence
T. 02 204 2004

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