Thursday, September 27, 2007

Coffee capsules

Coffee capsules

Yesterday, I got a chance to have a short training session at Lavazza in Chidlom. It’s very informative and a real good fun.

Do you know that brewing a cup of coffee from a capsule helps to reduce caffeine intake? Yes, it actually does.

Anyway, most of the thing that I have learnt is all about those machines that they have to offer. Not much about the Coffee itself.

They said when they will invite me over for the next big session from the real Coffee Professional who will be coming from Italy. Then I shall write more about coffee capsules.

Anyway, the small capsules come in a box which contains 100 capsules. One box costs 3500 Bht. Means : 35 bht per One capsule.

One Capsule can make only one cup/shot of Espresso.

A few tips from Lavazza

Always warm the cups before making a cup of cappuccino, latte or espresso.

A cup of good Cappuccino : contains one second Espresso and one second Milk & Froth
A cup of good Latte : contains one third Espresso, two third Milk + Froth.
You'll find the more you make them, the better they'll become.

Espresso Dolce / Caffe Cream Gusto Dolce makes a good cup of Espresso
Espresso Intenso/Espresso Ricco makes a good cup of Latte & Cappuccino

Find out more about - >>> Lavazza
Interested in getting the machines and capsules - >>> Great Earth Int.

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Adam said...

Interesting post. Pods offer a number of advantages, perhaps the most important of which is a guarantee of consistent quality. Any reduction in caffeine intake would obviously be nice for many. The Opera wine bar/restaurant recently switched to a pod based system after a vote by the staff. I have not tried the Lavazza pods but did try a competitor recently. The quality was good but not as good as the non-pod. Admittedly, the "real thing" was brewed on some very expensive machinery. My conclusion was that pods make quite a lot of sense for individual consumers....the machines are not so expensive. For restaurants and hotels I think pod technology needs to develop further.....faster brew is required and the pods need to come down in price. I am buying coffee at the equivalent of 9 baht and the quality is superb.....but I also have to spend around 350,000 baht on the machinery! For me the economics just about make sense but for an individual there is no point to spend such sums!