Friday, November 09, 2007

beirut restaurant

Beirut Restaurant

The feeling of "foreign and familiar" comes to mind thinking about middle-eastern food.

Actually, I am not a big fan of fast-food but this restaurant is different as their food is very light and very healthy.
A person next to me likes "Kebab and Falafel" as there are very popular & loads in London.

Here at the Beirut Restaurant, everything is delicious, healthy and light. The price is reasonably inexpensive. It's good place for lunch time with mates.

We are regular customers and big fan of their

Baba Ghanouj Salad
Greek Salad
Tomato Salad
Mozzarella Salad

Lamb Kebab
Chicken Shawarma
Fried Beef with Lemon & Onion

Their Hummus with Shawarma Chicken served with Pita Bread and Choice of Samosas (Lamb, Cheese, Vegetable and Chicken) are very popular. The owner (Hussein) is a very kind, friendly and funny man. He likes to tease me every time I visit his restaurant.

Thier Food is highly recommended & perfectly suitable for party as they have loads of finger food to offer.

If you are bored of your everyday "Tom Yum Guung" or "BBQ Pork Ribs" or anything of the sort and want to experiment in something new & more exotic, then you should give "Beirut" a try.

Healthy & Light middle-eastern Food

Beirut Restaurant
Ploenchit Centre,
Basement Fl.
T. 02 655 7377

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