Sunday, November 11, 2007

rimpha lapin restaurant

Rimpha Lapin Scennic Bar & Restaurant

I & Khun Mim plan to open a restaurant in Phuket next year. So, we have visited loads of restaurants recently. One of the owners of this restaurant is a mate of Khun Mim.

The restaurant is located in Sattaheep (Pattaya)

I can say that its a good (probably the best) place to watch sunset in pattaya (oh well you can hardly expect the "stunning" places in pattaya... ermmm maybe, very little I do know about Pattaya.)

The food is not as good as the view. I personally think that this restuarant is good for nothing but "chilling out" with mates if you happen to get bored of Bangkok... and wish to go away to somewhere close to Bangkok where's worth sitting for hours doing nothing but drinking wine... talking... and be at ease... watching sunset.

Find below some pictures. Too bad its raining on the day I visited. So, I couldnt be able to take pictures of the fully dressed-up restaurant. (with loads of colourful cushions and candle lights)

Rimpha Lapin
opening time : 17.00pm-01.00am
T. 038 235 515
M. 084 451 5686

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