Sunday, November 25, 2007

nara restaurant

Nara Thai Restaurant

As I can cook Thai Food (and I am good at it.). So, its not often that I would pay compliment to any Thai Restaurant as Thai Restaurants in general like to cook the food that tastes too sweet.

Nara is remarkably different. I remember that K. Mim introduced this restaurant to me a year ago and since then it has a place in my favourite list. I often spend loads of time in Erawan Shopping Centre and everytime I happen to go there. I always stop for lunch at Nara.

Nara is an authentic Thai with a modern personality... which I really like.
It looks very much modernised but the food tastes 100% authentic. The price is considered not expensive at all comparing to the top quality of their food.

I highly recommend my most favourite dishes which I always order everytime I happen to visit.

1. Somtam Thai with Moo Krob : Papaya Salad with Pork Cracking
2. Gueoy Tieaw Ruae : Spicy Thai Beef Noodle Soup
3. Pla Ka-Pong Tod Ta-Kai : Fried White Snapper with Garlic & Lemon Grass

Everything here is so delicious, good quality and very authentic taste.
At "Nara", nothing could go wrong... trust me.

Nara Thai Cuisine
Erawan Bangkok,
Lower Ground Fl.,
T. 02 250 7707-8

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