Friday, May 09, 2008

greyhound café

Greyhound Café

My beloved mate came from Phuket to live with me for a month. We went to our all time favourite restaurant “Greyhound Café” for lunch.

“Greyhound” is something I grow up with –their first boutique brunch opened in 1980 at Siam Centre, I first known about it in 1984 as then I started to be a teenager who would go shopping in Siam Square – I & mates spent our time in Siam Square almost every day after we finished school or during weekend – its always being a place that Thai teenagers in Bangkok hang out.

Khun Bhanu Inkawat, founder, is very smart & brilliant and everything he touches seems to be always very successful. Khun Bhanu was initially trained in advertising. His career in advertising began with an art director's position at Leo Burnett Thailand Limited in 1978. In 1984, he assumed control of the agency's creative department and in 1989, was appointed executive creative director. Six years later, Khun Bhanu became chairman of the Leo Burnett board. The advertising executive has since resigned from the industry, though he continues to advise and train a new generation of creative advertising talent.

I admire him so much as he is an amazing person.

The first “Greyhound Café” opened in 1998 at the Emporium & I was there when it first opened. The reason I like this restaurant because it always reminds me of “Fusion” and “mixed & crossed culture” – it gives the same buzz & vibe as like being in a restaurant in Sydney.
Greyhound was the first restaurant in Bangkok that started to bring something very much different – in a creative, fashionable & modern way - delicious and still affordable to Thai people in Bangkok.

I think we can call this restaurant “urban cuisine” where Thai people in big Bangkok who seem to be exposed to other cultures can come and hang out with mates and enjoy food.

Check thier menu @

Greyhound Café

Emporium Shopping Complex
2nd Floor
T. 02 664 8663

Central Department Store – Childlom Branch
4th Floor
T. 02 255 6955

J. Avenue
Thonglor 15,
T. 02 712 6547-8

Siam Centre
Ground Floor
T. 02 658 1129-30

La Villa
T. 02 613 0547-8

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