Friday, July 25, 2008

fak-thong sang-ka-ya : thai steamed egg & pumpkin custard

Sang-ka-yah Fak-thong: Steamed Egg with Pumpkin Custard.

I know I said so many times before that I like cooking eggs. Here is another egg recipe.

This “steamed egg with pumpkin custard” is very popular in Thailand. It gives a perception to people that it should be difficult to cook but the truth is it’s quite easy.

The key to get it right are to not over sweet it and to know a perfect time to steam it.

I cooked this dessert last weekend to please one of my mates who happens to love eating Thai desserts.

Find below my recipe

3 of Eggs (Duck’s is highly recommended)
½ Cup of Pumpkin, cut into small pieces
½ Cup of Coconut Milk
½ Cup of Brown Sugar or Palm Sugar
2 of Pandan Leaves
A pinch of Salt


Whisk the eggs in a bowl till smooth and a little bubbling
Add Sugar, whisk till mixed well
Add Coconut Milk, stir till mixed well
Add Pandan Leaves, Pumpkin & a pinch of Salt, stir
Drain well and remove into serving cups
Steam for 15 minutes till cooked through
Serve cold with a cup of Tea

Serves 2

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Lori Lynn said...

Hi! I just saw your custards on Tastespotting and came over from there. I was intrigued because I posted about two steamed custards earlier this month! Yours looks terrific, I must try that too!