Sunday, July 20, 2008

iberry homemade ice cream in bangkok

iberry Homemade Ice Cream

I always love Ice Cream. I loved it when I was young and I still love it now. I can eat Ice Cream for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Normally, my most favourite ones are Haagen Dazs & Oriental’s Ice Cream (Well... we are only speaking about Ice Creams that are available in Bangkok)

((“18 Below Homemade Ice Cream in Hau Hin is very cute and their Ice Creams are very yummy & creative. Anyway, I will write about it later when I next visit Hau Hin. (Need to take some photos before writing about it))

"iberry" is something that I am very proud of , being a Thai, as its 100% Thai Brand. I have to talk about it sooner or later. Hence, iberry’s post.

iberry offers wind range of exotic favors like Lychee Sorbet, Tamarind Sorbet, Rambutan Sorbet, Mango Milk, Mangoes teen, Pandanus or Durian.
Their Ice creams are really yummy and refreshing when the weather is too hot to handle in Bangkok.

When I get bored of the usual favors that I like (it happens from time to time) I go to iberry to find something, different, new, creative, yet familiar as most of their popular favors are made from local Thai fruits.

I personally admire a very very creative side of the iberry’s owner “Khun Pla” how she decorates her shops (15 branches – 12 in Bkk, 1 in Chiang Mai, 1 in Pattaya & 1 in Phuket) in a very cozy, creative & cute way – none of them has the same decoration, they are very individually decorated. She, somehow, knows where to invest & what locations should be popular & always right about them.
I have to say she has good taste & intelligent. She manages to make her Ice Cream stands out from the others in Bangkok & to be very successful. (If we look at this market closely, we will find that there are quite a lot of Ice Cream Sellers in Bangkok: Buono’s, Italiano, Tuscanini’s, Amaretto, Swensen’s, Baskin’s Robbins, Haagen Dazs & Oriental, ect,.)
She once said that she plans to expand her branches to Singapore and Malaysia – that’s very impressive given that she is very young in her late 20s.

iberry Homemade Ice Cream
J Avenues: T. 02 712 6054
Market Place Thonglor : T. 02 381 3274
Siam Square Soi 2: T. 02 658 3829
Emporium: T. 02 259 8717
Central World: T. 02 613 1409
See more of their‘s branches ->> "iberry's Branches"


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