Tuesday, July 15, 2008

mun tod : fried sweet potato thai style

Fried Sweet Potato/Banana Thai Style : Mun Tod/Gluay Tod

This is a very popular street food recipe. Thai people really like “Gluay Tod” or in another name”Gluay Kaek”. The reason Thai called it "Gluay Kaek" is probably because a word "Kaek" means Indian and I guess its originally from India.

Generally, we (Thai) cook it two ways – with banana or with sweet potato.

I really liked it when I was very young as it’s always there in fornt of my school’s gate. While I was waiting for my Mum to pick me up, I bought at least 5 pieces to eat after school.

The main reason that it is popular, I assumed, that because banana is very cheap in Thailand and, if you ever notice, 70% of our desserts are mostly made from banana.

Anyway, I didn’t use banana this time as I happened to crave for sweet potato (Lately, I eat a lot of steamed Japanese Sweet Potato).

Feel free to use banana if you happen to cook it. It’s as good or, perhaps, even better.

Find below my very own recipe


7 of (medium) sweet potato or banana (small sugar bannana if possible), cut
lengthwise, into 2-4 long pieces (depens on how big the sweet potato or banana.)
50 g of rice flour
30 g of flour
20 g of tapioca flour
3 tablespoons of brown Sugar
A pinch of sea salt
¼ cup of white & black sesame
1 cup of water
½ cup of coconut milk (optional)
1 cup of coconut, grated
1+1/2 teaspoon of raising flour (or a half cup of hydrolised lime water)
2-3 cups of Cooking oil (coconut oil is recommended)


Sieve together rice flour, flour & raising flour 2 times
Add salt, & brown sugar mix well
Add sesame, grated coconut, mix well
Add water, stir till mixed well
Dip cut sweet potato pieces into the batter
Set the wok over high heat, wait till becoming hot
Add cooking oil, wait till the oil becoming very hot
Deep-fly the coated sweet potato, till turns golden & crispy
Remove from the wok into a big paper towel to absorb excess oil, set aside
Serve cold with a hot cup of tea


Sarah at TasteSpotting said...

excellent! anything fried is good by me.

marc's stuff said...

sawasdee krab this is my favorite breakfast food in Thailand !!!
that and pah Thong kle