Sunday, July 13, 2008

how many cookbooks can we own in a life time?

How many cookbooks can one own in a life time?

Since I moved into a new house, I noticed that I own many cookbooks. Then I started to count how many do I own and I found out that I own 78 cookbooks (20 Thai Cookbooks + 58 of none Thai : those well-known writers & chefs.

Then it gets me thinking – how many can we own in a life time?
I guess I would probably own more than 500 copies.

Anyway, with all of what I have, which one is my most favourite? Oh well, I can’t be able to answer this question as I love them all.

I don’t randomly buy a cookbook. I bought what I really like and what I really want to read & be very interested in.

To name a few - I find "Nigella Lawson” witty, funny, honest, simple and very informative. I like it that she is not a professional/ trained chef, she is simply someone who happens to love food... just like me.

“Jamie Oliver” & “Delia Smith” are something very essential.

I adore “Nobu Matsuhisa” as I love Japanese food to bits – their food is very artistic yet tasty.

I always love "Donna Hay" as she is a very stylish food writer. Her food always simple, clean & tastful.

I have loads of Thai cookbooks which I will pass on to my daughter – if I happened to have one!! (I always secretly hope for a daughter, to be honest.)

Anyway, I read all of my cookbooks, as I am Thai who is very keen to learn to know better when it comes to Food. I, naturally, don’t know by heart about foreign food like Italian, Vietnamese, French Food etc., I need to learn to know them better and deeper if I want to be able to cook. So, I read a lot!!

To be honest, I don’t seem to follow their instruction. I only look for ingredients and then I will just go for it.

Internet is a good source when it comes to recipes : good food websites & blogs. I often check BBC Food where you can search for loads of recipes from those famouch chefs & happening food writers in England.
I am a big fan of those famous bloggers : chezpim, chubbyhubby, 101 cookbooks, wellfed, rice and noodles, & Real Thai Recipe : an american who seriously knows about Thai food better than me!!

Magazines are informative and the pictures (that they put all of their effort into) are worth buying. Don’t ask me how many copies of magazines I have….

Anyway, let me know if you have any good cookbooks to recommend.

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