Thursday, August 07, 2008

lord jim's

Lord Jim's

I mean to write about "Lord's Jim" for ages. Its one of my most favorite restaurants in Bangkok. For some reason, I never got a chance to take some pictures.

I often come here for Sunday Brunch with mates (We love their buffer brunch with unlimited Foie Gras to offer & and hmmm a very cute Chef !!... Oh well, we have a thing for a man who can cook.)

The superlative menu at this seafood restaurant attracts diners from far and wide.
Named after the seafaring hero created by the novelist Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim's reputation for magnificent seafood is almost as well-travelled as its namesake. It is renowned world wide, particularly for its sushi and sashimi dishes that are often to be seen in their buffet lunches and a la carte dinner menu.
After a complete and total transformation, the newly renovated restaurant's concept focuses not only on the freshness and vastness of the sea which is reflected in the variety of exciting seafood dishes, but also on aquatic themes which are prevalent in the sophisticated and stylish décor.

~ Menu Highlights ~

Lord Jim’s Iced Seafood Tower

Rock lobster, tiger prawns, selection of sushi and sashimi, fish tartare, fresh oysters selected mollusks, crab claws, scallop ceviche, wild smoked salmon, hiyashi Wakame salad and herring caviar with LJ condiments

Marinated Foie Gras Bar

Sprayed with Valhrona chocolate, served with soya bean milk and foie gras custard, kumquat jam and toasted Tonka bean brioche

Seafood and Shellfish Tagine

Brittany Lobster and monkfish morsels, black mussels, cod fillet, red snapper and crab with crunchy almonds, pickled lemons and Ras el hanout seasoning

Tiger Prawns with Tom Yum Pesto

Sautéed vegetables and crab with oyster sauce, baby eggplant with pumpkin smoothie

Valhrona Chocolate “Cromesqui”

Avocado and fruity sauce, Tonka bean ice cream with hot chocolate croquette

Warm Ice

Orange and fruit jelly, warm lemongrass and praline soup, tagliatelle with Matcha parfait


Lord Jim's
@ The Oriental Hotel
48 Oriental Avenue,
Bangkok, 10500

Open daily for buffet lunch and a la carte dinner.
T. 02 659 9000 Ext. 7680-1

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