Friday, August 08, 2008


I am a big fan of Honey. I always have 6-8 bottles in my kitchen

I notice that honey from European countries & from Asia are not the same in colour nor favour. I guess becasue they are from different type of flowers.
Honey is complex in flavour, texture and aroma and like wine, takes time to appreciate, with the complexities transforming as it matures.

I trend to like "Bees online" from New Zealand. I adore all of their honey- related products. Their own "bees online cafe" in their farm cooks very interesting concept of food with a touch of honey in every dishes. The food are very very delicious - I still dream about their food from time to time.
Central Food Hall used to import this honey brand into Bangkok. But its not popular - I guess Thai prefer thier own honey.

"Chiva Som" ( very famous spa located in Hau Hin) manages to put orange zest into thier honey. I really like it.

Honey goes very well with Tea. I like having Tea in the afternoon and I replace honey for sugar.

Honey can be served with Cheese in a Cheese Plate.
Note : never serve honey to babies, toddlers or kids.

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