Friday, October 31, 2008

posh & romantic restaurants in phuket

Posh & Romantic Restaurants in Phuket.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, that I was in Phuket for Holidays with my mates. We made sure that we spend a good sum of money and we surely did.

I said that I would post about Food & Restaurants there. I posted one Restaurant already (Raya Restaurant) and they are so many that I don’t post yet.

I think that I should talk about Posh & Romantic Restaurants in one post & then Simple but Extremely Good ones later in another post.

Find below restaurants that are worth spending loads of money for...

Baba Restaurant at Sri Panwa.

“The new Baba Dining Lounge boasts front row seats to the panoramic sunsets that set behind the plush green islands. Bronze, teak and unique laser cut lighting make Baba a place not only to enjoy food, views and cocktails but also to appreciate the intricate details in its design”
This is the most happening restaurant for posh Thai people. The restaurant hosts many fun parties. They did "Baba goes Scar" last month just a few days after I left Phuket. So, I missed it. Check the venue at their website or simply call to check.

Silk Restaurant at Surin Plaza.

Silk Restaurant & Bar was created by Lan Kwai Fong Entertainments group. The company is renowned for its contribution to the well known Lan Kwai Fong area in Hong Kong.

The restaurant has an extremely nice romantic ambience, friendly servers and great food but all these don’t come with a cheap price. Silk restaurant is one of the best Thai restaurants in Phuket. (It’s actually a place more for rich tourists & local expats.)
On the balcony, several floor-based candelabras provide intimate balcony lighting and the overall ambience it has to be said - both inside and outside - is one of unpretentious luxury. I say "unpretentious" because the restaurant's friendly and efficient service and atmosphere would disarm the snobbiest and most affected diner.

They know how to make a mean glass of “Grey Gooses & Orange Juice” too.

360 Bar at Phuket Pavillian

360 is the ideal destination for a perfect cocktail as well as romantic dinner.

360 Bar at Phuket Pavilions is about great views and good food. Overlooking a gorgeous panorama of tropical perfection, 360 is Phuket's only hilltop bar where the sun, sea, and sky are accompaniments enhancing your dining experience.

360 is a cool hangout that attracts mostly the island’s property businessmen and their sales girls. It’s not a bad place to hangout, but it’s definitely aimed more at rich locals.
>>> 360* Bar
Note ~ Most of the pictures, were taken from restaurant's website. I went there at night, So, I couldn't get good enough pix.
We went to "the Sala" for a few drinks & watching sunset after landing and then stopped by "the Marriott" . Its fantasssssticccc. I didn't get a chance to take picture as it was a little dark. Next time then.

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