Friday, October 24, 2008

raya thai cuisine in phuket

Raya Thai Restaurant in Phuket

Raya by Khun Kurab is the number 1 Thai Restaurant in Phuket.

Everybody who knows where to eat goes eating there. Khun Gurab often asked to be a consultant to those high-end restaurants in Phuket. She often asked to train the chefs who work in those posh restaurants.

Khun Gurab is very welcoming person. She likes to talk & to greet her customers. If you happen to dine at her, please, have a chat with her. You will have fun & will learn many things from her. It’s quite an experience to me getting to talk with her.
She is a kind of person who is very happy to share her long & successful experience. She is often asked to be a chef for private parties/dinners for those rich people in Phuket. Too bad, that she is old now. So, she can’t always be available for everyone.

Raya restaurant is located at 48 New Deebuk Road in the City of Phuket, in an old Coronial House. So, you don’t see many foreigners. Most of her customers are Thai tourists and Thai locals.

Of course, going to dine at Raya is not going to be the same as dining at Baan Rimpha (the fact, only tourists dining at Baan Rimpha). At Raya, where is not fancy, you will get to eat authentic taste with a touch of Home-Cooking Thai food. Very impressive.

Khun Mim took me there and I am in love with this restaurant. I will go back to take a cooking class with Khun Gurab.

Here signature dishes are Crabmeat Curry served with Rice Vermicelli (Keang Puu), Caramelized-Pork Belly braised (Moo Hong), Fried Pork with Salt, Stir-fried Sator, Keang Pba & many more. (Find a Local’s specialties Section in the menu, then order everything, you can’t be disappointed.) Actually, everything in her menu is very delicious.

Most of her tourist-customers are well-off Thai people. Most of them always ask her to pack the food and take them back to Bangkok. So, she always has all the packaging and things that are needed for packing ready for us. She does send her food by plane to Bangkok by order. (We got one big box with loads of her food back home too.)

If you wish to experience the best, then Raya is highly recommended. Raya cooks the most delicious Thai food in Phuket, it is indeed the real gem of Phuket.

Raya Thai Cuisine
48 New Deebuk Road,
Muang, Phuket
T. 076 218155, 076 232236


Anonymous said...

If you like Thai cooking try this site
It's got about 30 recipes each one with a cooking video to go along.

Phuket Observer said...

Went to Raya Restaurnat last night based on your recommendation. Amazing food, especially crab curry. It's one of my favorite places in Phuket now. There were a few farangs dining there last night. It is no longer a secret. ;) Thanks for the recommendation.

scruffy-baby said...


I will ve heading to Phuket soon. Other than Raya, what other Thai and seafood restaurants do you recommend a must try? Want dishes other than thai raw papaya that we should try to signify we have been to Thailand?

Please advise. Thank you

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