Sunday, November 30, 2008

kaeng-chued fak: winter melon soup

Winter Melon Soup: แกงจืดฟักใส่หมูสับ

This winter melon soup is popularly served with “relish” in order to balance the hot & spicy with something mild.

Personally, I am not a kind of person who is very fond of Hot & Spicy Food. So, I am happily pleased with mild Soup. I like cooking “Kaeng Chued” as it reminds me of my old time when I was a kid, especially in “winter” time. It is a kind of comfort food to me.

Find below a recipe

4 Cups of Winter Melon, cut
2 Cups of Minced Pork, roll into balls
8-10 Cups of Chicken Stock
A Dash of Sea Salt or a few tablespoons of Soy Sauce
A handful of Spring Onion & Cilantro, cut

Set a large Saucepan with Chicken stock over high-heat
Bring to the boil, add Pork Balls, wait till cooked (they will float)
Bring back to the boil
Then add Sea Salt
Remove into serving bowl
Sprinkle with Spring onion & Cilantro (optional)
Serve hot with a cup of “Spicy Relish”, “Fried Pork or Chicken” & Steamed Rice

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