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phad sen book : stir-fried mixed vegetables with “shirataki” noodle.

Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables with Tofu & “Shirataki” Noodle : ผัดเส้นบุกใส่เต้าหู้และผักรวม

I am not sue if you do have those times when you feel like you don't want any kind of meat at all. Oh well, after finished reading “Skinny Bitch”. I felt so sorry for those animals and tried my best to avoid red meat & white meat. If I get a chance to cook for my self only at home (Which were rare, lately.) My choices now are more of fish and organic vegetables. (Don't you worry, I don't turn vegetarian yet as I am not ready. I mean I like eating Beef and the thought of quitting “Wagyu” is pretty torturing!! (No matter how much I like good quality beef.) I try to eat red meat only 4-5 times in a month, though.

Anyway, yesterday I went food shopping and found this “Konjac/Shirataki Noodle”. I find its very interesting (I mean it contains zero calorie & it could help you lose weight. What kind of vegetable could be more interesting than that??) & I am currently in vegetarian mode. I thought I should cook a kind of “Vegetarian Stir-fried Shirataki Noodle”. Obviously, Its not Thai food and I am not sure if it can be categorized into Japanese. I think its an Asian dish or in better word a fusion dish! (Very much Japanese & a hint of Chinese, I mean.)

Personally, I don't like putting too many kind of vegetables in my stir-fry. (I like eating vegetables but I don't like lots of them at the same time.) You can always add more vegetables if you like. Green vegetables like broccoli, green bean should be cooked briefly in boiling water and then transfer into very cold water to keep it's green colour. Cooking stir-fry is very easy but as you put many kind of vegetables in there and, to get a good stir-fry, you need to sort your vegetables before cooking. (What goes in first /what takes more time to cook & what goes in the wok later – what takes less time.)

Find below a recipe.

1 Cup of Organic Soft Tofu (Cut into cubes. Hard Tofu will do.)
1 Cup of Organic Fresh Black Mushroom (Cut)
1 Cup of Organic Champion Mushroom (Sliced)
1 Cup of Organic Green Beans (Cut)
1 Medium Organic Chinese Cabbage (Cut)
2 Cups of “Shirataki” Noodle (If you couldn't find it or don't like “Konjac”. Vermicelli will do.)
3 Cloves of Garlic (Crushed & Roughly Chopped)
2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil (Extra Light & Mild)
2 Tablespoons of Japanese Shoyu (Soy Sauce will do.)
3 Tablespoons of Oyster Sauce (Optional.)
1 Tablespoon of Seasoning Sauce
1 Teaspoon of Sesame Oil (You could add more if you like it but I like mine very subtle.)
2 Teaspoons of Organic Fresh Ginger (Finely Grated)
A Dash of Un-refined Raw Sugar


Set a wok over high heat, add olive oil and wait till its becoming a little hot (But not too hot. We don't want any “oxidization” here. Actually, you can always use “Grape Seed”, “Sunflower” or “Coconut” oil. They are very safe cooking with high-temperature like “Stir-fry” or “Deep-fry”.) Add chopped garlic, stir regularly till the garlic turns a little yellow and aromatic, then add grated ginger. Add black mushroom & champion mushroom, then add Chinese cabbage & green bean. Stir-frying till the vegetables becoming a little cooked. Add soy sauce, oyster sauce & a dash of sugar. Keep stir-frying and add shirataki noodle. When everything is mixed well & cooked through then add soft tofu. (At this stage, you can't stir-fry anymore as the soft tofu is soft & very easily broken. So, what you need to do is to lift the wok and shake like all those professional & skillful chefs like to show in telly. This skill need to be practiced. Oh well, practice makes perfect!) Turn off the heat and lastly, add the sesame oil. Voila! Serve hot with a small cup of “spicy green chili” sauce (I am Thai, I need something kicking.).

Serve : 2-3

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