Wednesday, December 29, 2010

white café

White Café

I have had long & profound love with “White Cafe” by Khun Nuu - “Benya Nandhakwang” since I was in my late teens (late 10s and early 20s). I loved going to the “Blue Bar” (if I am not wrong it was called “Blue Bar”) in Sarasin road with mates. It was very happening and one of the coolest places then. Later there was a sister restaurant called “Red Bar” on the roof-top of the Duchess Plaza in Thonglor 15 and then another sister restaurant called “White Cafe” in Sukhumvit 49 (Opposite Smithivej Hospital). There also was (again) a “Red Cafe/Bar” in RCA. I remember that I was a regular customer at “White Cafe”. I ate there 2-3 times a week. Then, I just loved eating/being there.

“White Cafe” in Sukhumvit 49 closed down and Khun Nuu - Benya Nandhakwang only focuses on her "white cafe food-catering" (She has managed it so well & successfully.) for a long while. Now, my favourite restaurant is re-born and is located at the ground floor of “Noble Solo” Condominium around Thonglor soi 20. This time the restaurant is dressed (decorated) differently. It doesn't come in “white” like the old days, its painted in between “ocean-blue-green” colour. Its nicely & stylishly done but I personally prefer the old version which was very hip & funky and I think white colour symbolized “White Cafe” much better.

Food there is very delicious (as always – Khun Benya still keeps/puts lots of old dishes in her new restaurant. I guess they are probably her signature dishes.). You can order everything in the menu (especially, Thai dishes) and you can't be disappointed. Khun Benya's food makes you feel like you are eating in her own kitchen. To me, her food doesn't feel/taste like restaurant food. It tastes/feels very much home-cooked food but its served & presented beautifully & creatively. Food might be a little too pricey comparing to Thai restaurants in the same area but if you really get to try her food. You will understand why - “finest quality ingredients” aren't cheap.

If you happen to be in Thonglor, you like being surrounded by good-looking & stylish people, and you love good quality food that's creatively presented. Then “White Cafe” is a perfect place for you. Mind you – the restaurant is newly opened & its very happening at the moment. You might need to call to reserve a table if you want to go there for dinner.

988/5 Noble Solo Condominium,
Sukhumvit 55, Wattana,
Bangkok, 10110
T : 02 714 7623
M : 086 023 8881

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