Sunday, December 09, 2012

gastro 1/6

Gastro 1/6 

I know I dont do restaurant review for ages. The reason is not that I didn't get to eat or dine out (I did more than 50 restaurants in the past year and visited each of them more than twice!) but I don't have time and energy to think of what to write about them. There are loads to talk about but I am not very good when it comes to words. At times, I find writing about restaurants is very very difficult. I mean its nothing like writing about my own recipes or my own food and more importantly, I am not born being a food critic by nature.. I like eating out and I know what I like or what I don't like and thats all. Oh well, you know what I mean.

Anyway, this one is worth the wait and its totally worth writing about. If you read my blog for a long while you know by now that I personally, love love love cooking and having Breakie and Brunch. Living in Bangkok, there aren't many choices when it comes to good breakie/ bunch joints (Of course, there are loads of buffets available at those fancy 5-stars hotels but I am talking about a place with a big pinch of personality.) 

Gastro was found by Khun Bo and Khun Dylan - owners/chefs of the impeccable Bo.Lan. I personally admire them to bits. The passion and the effort that they have put into their restaurants are amazing. Their food is very honest and full of favours. Its exactly as its promised to be. The menu is very limited. I think they focus on flavour, freshness and well-selected good quality ingredients. Everything is delicious. (Yep, I have already tried them all.) Service is very slow though, its not recommended if you are on a rush as the place is perfect for a slow morning, having a good breakie or brunch with mates, doing nothing but chatting and laughing. You could hang out there for hours enjoying your flavourful  meal and taking it very slow. (I always feel like I am on holiday eating at this place.)

Love love this yummie little place.

Gastro 1/6
238 Soi Sai Namthip 2,
Sukhumvit 22,
Bangkok 10110
T : 080 603 6421

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Ning' s Küche said...

Hi Riya,

so pity to ready this post today! otherwise we'll able to go there. we already left Bangkok...and the time we're here I found it a bit difficult to find a good restuarant the good one is mostly very expensive...but I saw the paragon supermarket I was so exited and sad in the same time. You got everthing in Bangkok for cook it yourself but you got to have enough to pay:-))