Friday, November 17, 2006

veal sausage salad with spicy thai dressing

Veal Sausage Salad with Spicy Thai Dressing

veal sausage, 2-3 pieces, thickly cut
onion, 1, thinly sliced
thai celery, 2-3, roughly cut
cherry tomatoes, 8-10, halved
spring onion, 2-3, cut (optional)

spicy thai dressing

red chillis , 2-4 , roughly chopped
garlic, 2 cloves, roughly chopped
corainder roots, 2-4, roughly chopped
fish sauce, 2 tablespoons
lime juice, 3 talblespoons
a pinch on sugar

put eveyrthing into the blender, its done.


place everything onto the salad plate
pour over the salad with dressing
toss them gently and then serve

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