Sunday, August 26, 2007


Fuzio Italian Restaurant in Ekamai

Here comes a stylish Italian Restaurant that I really like!!

The restaurant is well decorated in "casual elegance" and Chef Flavio himself is a health-conscious person who is very much into healthy cuisine.
Looking at his well selected menu, you will find that most of the dishes are meant to be mild and light (banning flour from his sauces). Moreover, the dishes are definitely food for the eyes.

All ingredients are well selected and imported from where produces best products; tuna comes from Japan, blood orange comes form Sicily, red tomatoes come from Naples area as the experienced Chef, once, used to work as a private chef for (a well known) "the queen of mean" who offered no-limited budget for him to fly all over the world to find the best sources of ingredients into her kitchen.

What I love the most in his restaurant is "desserts".
Although, there are not many choices but the "Panna Cotta" and "Tiramisu" are the real winner!!. Chef Flavio has managed to preserve the full flavours of these sweets without loading them up with sugar or rich cream... not too sweet and not too creamy. They are just well-balanced... just how I like my desserts to taste like.

"Fuzio" promises to be one of the best Italian Restaurants in Bangkok.

Rate :
***** for the Food
***** for Decoration
***** for Service

99/99 Sukhumvit 63 (Ekamai)
Mini Building, 6th floor,
Bangkok 10110
T. 02 711 6999

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