Tuesday, August 21, 2007

sweet lips smoothie @ the oriental shop

Sweet Lips Smoothie @ The Oriental Shop

I am a big fan of Smoothie, especially with strawberry smoothie or anything that has strawberry to do with it.

This "Sweet Lips" is exceptional as it has no strawberry but I still like it very much. Its kind of nice as it is a mix of Fresh Mango, Fresh Beetroot, Lychee Juice and Plain Yogurt.
Its very re-freshing and very good for your immune system. Loads of Vitamins. (I will find a recipe to add later on.)

Smoothie is very fast and easy to do.. you can try at home.
Although its not entirely healthy for adults having too much of smoothie but its nice & fun doing & having its once in a while.
If you have kids... Smoothie is a good way to trick them to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables... and kids can have lots of smoothie as they are full of energy to keep they going. We dont have to worry much about them gaining extra weight or having too much of sugar intake.
At least, letting them drink fresh fruit Smoothie is much much better than letting them drink fizzy Soda!!

The pictures were taken from the "Orienatl Shop"

The Oriental Shop
5th Floor,
Emporium Shopping Centre
Sukhumvit 24
Bangkok 10110
T. 02 259 8705

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