Monday, December 31, 2007

sweet and sour fish : vietnamese style

Sweet & Sour Fish : Vietnamese Style

I have got a great Vietnamese cookbook called "Into the Vietnamese Kitchen" and I am loving it too bits. It's so inspiring.

If you get any chances to visit Vietnam, I highly recommend you to spend some time in "Nha Trang", especially at the "Evason Nha Trang - Ana Mandara Resort". You will love the time, food and everything.

Anyway, I am very much inspired by their food, hence the "Sweet and Sour Fish" Vietnamese version.
It's absolutely delicious. Very easy & simple to prepare and to cook.

Find below my recipe

4 Slices of Fish Fillet (Spanish Mackerel, Red Snapper or White Seabass, anything)
2 of Plump Medium Tomatoes, Sliced
1 of Medium Onion, Sliced
½ Cup of Cooking Oil (Olive Oil is optional)
1 Tablespoon of Sea Salt
1 Tablespoon of Ground Black Pepper
1 Teaspoon of Sugar

Spring Onion, cut
Long Leaf Cilantro, cut


• put a wok / large cooking pan over medium to high heat
• fry the fish fillet till cooked or becoming golden yellow
• remove the fish, keep aside

• remove the excess oil from the pan
• add sliced onion, fry till soft
• add sliced tomatoes, fry till soft
• add sugar, salt and half of ground black pepper
• place the fried fish in the serving plate
• pour the sauce from the pan over the fish
• sprinkle the rest of ground black pepper
• sprinkle with spring onion leaves and long leaf cilantro
• serve with streamed whole-grain rice

Happy New Year!

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