Friday, January 04, 2008

mixed fresh fruit & low-fat yogurt

Mixed Fresh Fruit with Low-fat Yogurt

I always like Breakfast, despite the fact that I hate getting up early.
Oh well, I always like Brunch … it sounds better this way.

I like to serve something different for breakfast so that people wouldn’t get bored of having the same thing on the table every morning.

Find one of my most favourite breakies: Mixed Fresh Fruit with Low-fat Yogurt.

½ Cup of Mango, diced
½ Cup of Green Flesh – Mellon Honeydew, diced
½ Cup of Orange Flesh – Mellon Honeydew, diced
(Any kind of fresh fruit that’s on hand)

1-2 Cups of Low-fat Yogurt
Honey (good quality)

For Garnish
Mint Leaves

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