Sunday, January 30, 2011

steak : zero carbs

Steak (cooked medium-rare) served with Organic Blanched French Green Bean & Cherry Tomato Salad

January is a month of being on diet to me (New Year Resolutions). Being in my 30s, my metabolism  does not work as fast as it used to be. Therefore, I have gained lots of kilos.

I have been reading lots of books about diet (Atkins, Dukan, South-Beach, Low-Carb, Metabolism Miracle, ect,.) I have learnt from these books that nothing can be good for me directly or solely. I have to bring out a little of each thing from these books to make it my own way to make it works for me. 

Anyway, I start to limit (white) carbohydrate, salt & sugar intake (I only eat whole-grain / 7-9 grain/ whole meal-brown carbohydrate.) and eat more protein (not over eating though) & vegetables (Try to choose/mix lots of natural-coloured vegetables). Find below my recipe of easy & simple steak.

60-70 g. of Steak (Sirloin/Tenderloin - any cut that you like but try to avoid fat)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Freshly Ground Black Pepper
Sea Salt (Try not to put too much of salt.)


Rub both sides of steak with olive oil and season with sea salt and ground black pepper. This is very simple but its the best way of cooking steak. (You don't want to over-power the natural taste of the meat by putting to much of herbs or seasoning but if you happened to have a bottle of premium "Truffle Oil" stored in your pantry then feel free to drizzle a few drops on your steak. It will make a big different.)  
Set a cast iron skillet over medium-high heat, wait till becoming very hot. Cook  the steak to your liking. (Mine is  preferably cooked between "rare" to "medium-rare") Remove from the skillet. Leave to rest for 5 minutes (Once the heat transfer is completed during resting period, this steak will achieve "the Perfect Steak" - tender & juicy.). Serve with your choice of side salad or vegetables. (I will post my recipes of side salad here later.)

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